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HW4: Iowa State Fair and Political Soapbox (~1 hour)

Stump speeches of all 23 candidates at Iowa State Fair (no need to watch these, but I just wanted you to know where you could watch them. Certainly we can explore this more later):

Gallery of photos from State Fair 8/10/19

Gallery of photos from State Fair 8/13/19

Corn Kernel Vote

Corn Kernel Vote

More corn kernels

Even more

And still more

Mitt Romney at Iowa State Fair 2012

Life at the Fair

View from towards the back of the crowd at Warren's Soapbox. I heard people muttering, "God shut up! Your voice is so annoying! All their voices are!" And, "You're not going to take my money" when she was speaking about taking 2 cents of every dollar after $50 million.

One Man Band

Mayor Pete making his way through the Iowa State Fair surrounded by press

Up close with Mayor Pete

Livestock judging

More judgement aimed at livestock

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